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Naked Motorcyclist Goads Police

What a Plonker!

Some people really have the most bizarre ideas. Whatever happened to ATGATT!?!? This dipstick thought it would be a good idea to get himself arrested by riding up to a police station in his birthday suit with police written on his back in a black marker!

Shocked police were forced into an x-rated chase when a nude biker was seen racing through the streets.

The naked motorcyclist was spotted enjoying a ride without a stitch of clothing on – but with ‘Police’ scrawled on his back in marker.

Officers noticed the in-the-buff biker after he pulled up outside a police station.

They then gave chase to the naturist motorist in the Czech town of Havirov.

After a frantic pursuit, the nudist crashed into the back of a Ford Focus.

Naked motorbike rider
The naked biker was eventually caught

After coming off his bike, the naked man ran off through a meadow before police found him hiding behind a tree on a riverbank.

Officers arrested the 22-year-old, who has not been named.

He is said to have tested negative for drugs and alcohol – leaving police scratching their heads wondering why he went for the naked ride.

Naked motorbike rider
Officers have no idea why he carried out the naked ride

Officers think he may have carried out the stunt as a dare.

He now faces two years in prison after being arrested for dangerous driving , not wearing a crash helmet, having no insurance or driving licence, and not having an official registration plate on the bike, reports the Daily Star .

Bohuslav Muras, head of the city police, said: “It seems that they came to the station to provoke the officers.

“They were in front of the station and then they left quickly.”

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