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7 Ways to Prevent Your Bike Being Nicked

Having your bike stolen is a sickening idea. If it hasn’t happened to you yet (and I hope it hasn’t), you’d better take care as motorbike theft has increased by 44% in two years. One of the reasons for this is the improved security in modern cars which deters thieves from attempting to break into them.

Below are 7 tips to keep your pride and joy in your possession.

1. Marking
protected_by_datatagIf not already protected with the industry MASTER scheme, mark your bike parts with the vehicle identification number (VIN) number, your postcode or registration number using an ultraviolet marker pen or a retro-fit security system such as Datatag.

2. Parking
Choose designated parking with a stand and security loop, or if this is not available try areas with lots of people, good lighting and CCTV.

3. Locks
51p05gkxnllUse more than one – focus on disc locks, D locks and chain locks, fitted tight to the bike and through difficult to remove parts. Additionally try to keep the lock off the ground to avoid hammer attack.

4. Time
When leaving your bike for a long period or overnight, lock with a good oxford chain it to something secure and use a motorcycle cover. At home consider fitting ground anchors to secure your bike.

trackr5. Tracking
Get yourself a Trackr! These coin-sized devices are a brilliant way to find any of your valuable items, including your motorbike. You use an app on your smartphone to locate the Trackr, which could save valuable minutes if the bike has just been stolen.

6. Noise
Make sure you use audible alarms to draw unwanted attention to the thieves.

7. Back wheel
Secure the back wheel of your bike, rather than front as front wheels are generally easier to remove.

It doesn’t cost the earth to protect your machine and it is most definitely worth it. Don’t be a statistic!!

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