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10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles Ever?

Any list of the ten best of something is going to be subjective. These are in my opinion ten of the most beautifully designed motorbikes of all time. I’m sure many of you will disagree so please add your favourites to our Facebook page. I tried putting these in order but just couldn’t decide!!

Triumph Bonneville

An absolute design classic. The Bonneville T120 was Edward Turner’s last creation at Triumph, but was produced for 13 years. Nine years into the run, the Bonneville was selling at a rate of nearly 30k per year in the U.S., but the advent of the high-performance Japanese cruiser led Triumph to bore out the 650cc T120 and create the 744cc T140.


Ecosse Moto Works – The Heretic

Anything that comes from Ecosse is gorgeous. The heretic is probably my favourite and combines an extraordinary attention to detail with the finest materials and components in the world. By the way, they’re also among the most expensive bikes on the planet!


 Roland Sands KTM 530 Cafe

Roland Sands produces some awesome custom builds. For me, this is one of his best.

Roland Sands KTM 530 Cafe

Indian Chief

Go back to 1947 for this beauty. Indian’s range-topping Chief had a 1200cc motor and could reach 85mph at the top of third gear. Compared to today’s bikes the stunning Chief has a wild control layout with a left-foot clutch and hand-operated shifter near the tank. Unlike many Harleys, this Indian had rear suspension, so the ride was as smooth as its looks.

Indian Chief

Confederate Wraith

JT Nesbitt designed the Wraith’s fork geometry by pinning paper cutouts together with brads, and came up with the frame design by drawing a concentric circle around the crankshaft. The result is a rolling monument to the transverse twin. The award-winning Wraith is an achingly beautiful, surprisingly rideable bike from Confederate Motorcycles, which moved from New Orleans to Birmingham, AL after Hurricane Katrina.

Confederate B120 Wraith 1

Honda Valkyrie  Rune

If ever a motorcycle were worthy of the epithet “memorable” then it is the Honda Valkyrie  Rune. This beast of a bike which was designated GL1500C in the US market and F6C (“Flat Six Custom”) in other markets, could probably be considered one of the most memorable bikes in existence!!


Triumph Speed Twin

It was Edward Turner who designed the 500 cc 5T Speed Twin, first released in September 1937. Triumph are still producing modern versions of them today showing what a brilliant design this was.

Triumph Speed Twin

Cook Custom’s Rambler

There is only one word to describe Dave Cook’s AMD Championship-winning bike ‘Rambler’ and that is stunning! This is my absolute favourite in this list.


Zero Engineering – Samurai Type 5

The by-product of Japanese custom style gone commercial, the Type 5 is one of a range of bikes available from Zero engineering in Kariya city, Japan. A snip at £27,000, this is a custom bike gone production. Nice to ride? Not really, but who cares?! Gorgeous!!


Thunderbike’s Unbreakable Harley Davidson

Another AMD Championship winner which takes your breath away! Designed by Andreas Bergerforth’s at Thunderbike, this custom Harley has the most beautiful lines reminding me of some old classic cars.



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